First at all, we kindly request you to read carefully the following terms in:


1.- The owner has not any responsibility in any lost object, injury or cancellation. But in any case-of course- we will try our very best to help you in any demanding. It is your own responsibility to have with you, all the documents you may need.

2.- It is not allowed to have more guests than booked! In case that happens will be automatically cancellated the reservation

3.- Pets are not allowed. All items, like towels, sheets, etc., it is forbidden to use in the garden.

4.-  The holidays homes you will get in perfect conditions and ready to use it, and so you should give back. The cleaning of the holidays home is not included in the price, you must do it by your own. And you wish, we will take care of it but it is not free of charge.

5.- The longer you stay, we will supply with towels and duvet cover and blankets for every guest may need.

6.- Any damages are excluded from the prices. It will be an extra charge.

7.- It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the houses.

8.- Lost of Keys will have a charge of € 200.

9.- The guest is obliged to pay any injured or damaged before leaving.

10.- By the use of the fire place it is not permitted by children, always have to be done by an adult, and after request.

11.- Check-In 5 pm .       Check-out should be before 12 am.

12.- Remember that you are in a NATURAL ENVIROMENT, be please responsible with the use of water or electricity. Wasted product should be deposited in the right container, recycling of waste, etc.

13.- It is strictly forbidden through any cosmetic tissue or cottons pads in the WC.

14.- The clean of the house will be made by the guest. The guest is committed to return the house in the same conditions that he did get when he arrived. The final cleaning is included in the price of renting.

15.-  The caution of € 300,00 is per house. In case that everything all right is you will get back your  caution in a maximal period of time of 48 hours, by bank transfer at your bank account number.


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