A) Summary of contract

With the apply for a book, the guest is accepting the terms and conditions an
In 24 hours, the owner will answer the apply of booking by E- mail.
With the confirm of your reservation, is the booking all ready done between the guest and the
owner of the house.

B) Advance payment / partial payment

1. Advance payment.

After the booking conformation, the guest has 5 days for make an advance payment of the 35% of
the total amount in an account number that will be indicated.
The owner of the house is able to cancellated the booking, when the advance payment is not done.
One day after the reservation, the guest will receive by e-mail the bank account number.

2. Partial payment.

The rest of the payment of 65% of the total amount, must be transfer in the bank account
indicated, minimum 14 days before the arrival.
The owner of the house is able to cancellated the booking if the partial payment is not booked in
the 14 days before arrival.

3. Short term booking.

The short-terms booking, in 3 weeks or less, before the arrival, must be paid the total amount in 48
hours, after receiving the e-mail confirmation.
The owner of the house is able to cancel the booking, if the payments is not correctly done in the
right period of time.
Please remain, that sometimes due to different countries, and of course different banks holidays,
some transfers may need more than 48 horas. Therefore, send us, as soon as possible the
confirmation of the transfer by e-mail to:

Email: info@casa-do-grilo.com