A) Summary of contract

With the apply for a book, the guest is accepting the terms and conditions an
In 24 hours, the owner will answer the apply of booking by E- mail.
With the confirm of your reservation, is the booking all ready done between the guest and the
owner of the house.

C) Cancellation

1. Cancellation by guest.

1.1 After 00:00 hours of the arrival day is not permitted any cancellation.

1.2 If you don`t arrived day indicated day, will be charged 100 % of the total amount.

1.3 In case of cancellation the following charge will be :

Cancellations, less than 21 days before arrival: 35% of the total amount.
Cancellations, less than 7 days before arrival: 65% of the total amount
Cancellations, less than 3 days before arrival: 85% of the total amount.

1.4 By e-mail and the web-side it is possible both ways the cancellation to make it.

In case that you don’t have the web-side, you get the possibility to cancel by e-mail.

The cancellation by e-mail, is requested the number of booking and the name and sure name of the

1.5 For to get your refund you must let us know your banks details, account number and the
bank that you wish the transfer made.

There is no obligation, the booking with lost of the payment, when the guest is not coming in the
first 24 hours, from the day of check-in, except that the guest confirms the arrival in the according
period of time.


2. Cancellation by the owner

2.1 Force majeure – Damage due to a force majeure may will be necessary to cancel booking. In
these cases, the owner will refund the total amount of the booking, and as well, the owner will try
to provide an accommodation and will try all the best.

2.2 Absence – In case of absence in the according period of time, it is not anymore obligation to
keep the booking, and with the result of loosing the payment if the guest don’t come, except that
he will confirm to check -in.

2.3 treme events – In case of extreme events (earthquake, strikes, wars, very heavy stormy
weather), and the guest could not enjoy the stay, then he will get till 75% of the booking.